Definition of Dedicated Server

Definition of Dedicated Hosting Server Having a dedicated hosting server simply implies that the whole machine is dedicated especially to you. In other words, all of the physical server’s resources, including CPU, memory and disk space, will be at your disposal only. This will give you greater freedom to extend your online presence and will […]

Semi Dedicated Server Description

Semi Dedicated Server Description Being more costly solutions to deliver, the semi dedicated hosting we offer are situated in the US server farm facility only. Being well-furnished, the dedicated hosting accounts distribute for free: (a) unlimited hosted domain support and (b) a fully equipped, drop-and-drop website hosting Control Panel. This fabulous mix is not provided […]

What Does VPS Hosting Signify?

What Does VPS Hosting Signify? VPSs combine the affordability and user-friendliness of a web hosting account with the robustness and flexibility of a dedicated server. VPS Hosting Packages from EdRic Host Thanks to our modestly priced VPS plans (OpenVZ and Virtuozzo-driven), you can now enjoy your own server environment and work thoroughly independently of anybody […]

What Exactly is Shared Website Hosting?

What Exactly is Shared Website Hosting? If you are seeking a moderately priced website hosting service, the service for you is called web hosting. What Is Web Hosting? Over the years, the demand for hosting solutions has escalated greatly, but customers also want budget prices. The solution web hosting vendors have invented is called web […]

What Precisely are SSL?

What Precisely are SSL? Internet safety is an uppermost priority for everyone who purchases products online, and your customers will want nothing but the highest possible level of security when they purchase your products. What Does SSL Stand for? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that shields your online store or sign-in page. The […]

What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

What Exactly is Cloud Hosting? Essentially, the authentic cloud hosting solution serves separate web hosting services such as data storage, mail, FTP, databases, DNS, statistics, web hosting CP, backup, and so on, on autonomous hosts of top-notch web servers. Each separate service pack produces a cluster. All the servers in a cluster are devoted to […]