What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

What Exactly is Cloud Hosting?

Essentially, the authentic cloud hosting solution serves separate web hosting services such as data storage, mail, FTP, databases, DNS, statistics, web hosting CP, backup, and so on, on autonomous hosts of top-notch web servers. Each separate service pack produces a cluster. All the servers in a cluster are devoted to serving only the particular service and nothing aside from it. They will all perform as one single server, sharing the service’s load in approximately equal proportions. If there is an authentic cloud hosting service, there should be: a storage space cluster, a mail cluster, an FTP cluster, database clusters (MySQL/PostgreSQL), a DNS cluster, a stats cluster, a website hosting Control Panel cluster, a backup cluster, and so on. All these autonomous service clusters will constitute the so-called cloud web hosting platform.

The mammoth cloud website hosting fraud. Very widespread at present.

There is so much confusion going around about cloud web hosting nowadays. As you can perceive, cloud hosting does not only seem perplexing, but in reality it is excessively perplexing. The majority of the people know nothing about what cloud hosting is. On the basis of this widely spread ignorance, the “cloud hosting suppliers” speculate feverishly, just to get hold of the customer and his/her five dollars per month. What a shame! An immense shame. This is due to the fact that in the hosting business there are no rules whatsoever. The domain industry niche has ICANN. The web hosting industry has no such self-regulative institution. That is the reason why the web hosting traders speculate and tell lies overtly (very bluntly, as a matter of fact) to their clients. Mainly the cPanel-based cloud web hosting providers. Let’s examine how much cloud hosting they indeed can provide.

The truth about the cPanel-based “cloud” hosting companies

If a cPanel-based hosting merchandiser has a cloud web hosting platform at hand, which is quite improbable, many web hosting servers must be purchased. Which is also not cheap. We will return to that towards the end of this review. First, let’s examine what the cloud troubles are. So, it’s quite unlikely for a cPanel web hosting merchant to have the cloud website hosting platform at hand, because of the fact that inventing one requires years. Even when time and the provision of a competent team are not a predicament, lots of money must be invested too. Heaps of cash. What’s more, cPanel is not open source. That’s an immense obstacle.

The shortage of open source cloud hosting systems

There aren’t any open source cloud web hosting platforms. There are no open source web hosting CP devices (functioning with the cloud website hosting platform) either. Hence, to have a cloud hosting solution at hand, first of all you have to fabricate one. In-house. Secondly, you must establish the Control Panel too.

One server-based CPs

Famous Control Panels such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. are manufactured to operate on one single server exclusively. All website hosting services (disk storage, email, FTP, databases, DNS, statistics, website hosting CP, backup, etc.) are being served at the very same time on a single web server where these respective one-server website hosting platforms and website hosting CPs are installed.

The lack of open source hosting CPs

So, you must devise an in-house built website hosting Control Panel that will work perfectly and to accommodate it within the cloud system, as if it was an indelible constituent of it. Appropriate instances of in-house created cloud web hosting platforms with in-house devised website hosting CPs besides us, at EdRic Host, are MediaTemple and FreeHostia.

Cloud hosting hardware provision rates

The minimal contribution required, only for the cloud hosting hardware provision, amounts to somewhere between 60,000 dollars and $80,000. That’s omitting the DDoS tool, which is another fifteen-twenty thousand dollars. Now you realize how many cloud hosting platforms can be detected out there… and, especially, why the hosting sky is so blue… and practically unclouded!

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edwtjaWhat Exactly is Cloud Hosting?